Hydrogen Framework  1.3.1
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Hydrogen.Core.WebPool.FormBinaryData Struct Reference

Form Data Structure More...

Public Attributes

string FieldName
byte[] Data
string FileName
string MimeType

Detailed Description

Form Data Structure

Definition at line 207 of file WebPool.cs.

Member Data Documentation

byte [] Hydrogen.Core.WebPool.FormBinaryData.Data

Definition at line 210 of file WebPool.cs.

string Hydrogen.Core.WebPool.FormBinaryData.FieldName

Definition at line 209 of file WebPool.cs.

string Hydrogen.Core.WebPool.FormBinaryData.FileName

Definition at line 211 of file WebPool.cs.

string Hydrogen.Core.WebPool.FormBinaryData.MimeType

Definition at line 212 of file WebPool.cs.