Hydrogen Framework  1.3.1
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Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh Class Reference

A thread safe representation of a Mesh. More...

Public Member Functions

int[] GetIndices (int targetIndex)
 Gets the Indices in the BufferedMesh. More...

Public Attributes

Color[] Colors
 Mesh's Colors Arary More...
List< int[]> Indexes = new List<int[]> ()
 Mesh's Indexes List More...
String Name
 Mesh's Name More...
Vector3[] Normals
 Mesh's Normal Array More...
Vector4[] Tangents
 Mesh's Tangents Array More...
MeshTopology[] Topology
 Mesh's Topology Per SubMesh More...
Vector2[] UV
 Mesh's UV Array More...
Vector2[] UV1
 Mesh's UV1 Array More...
Vector2[] UV2
 Mesh's UV2 Array More...
Vector3[] Vertices
 Mesh's Vertex Array More...


int VertexCount [get]
 Gets the number of Vertices present in the BufferedMesh. More...
int SubMeshCount [get]
 Gets the number of SubMeshes present in the BufferedMesh. More...

Detailed Description

A thread safe representation of a Mesh.

Definition at line 710 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Member Function Documentation

int [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.GetIndices ( int  targetIndex)

Gets the Indices in the BufferedMesh.

The indices array at index of the Indexes list of the BufferedMesh.
targetIndexTarget Index.

Definition at line 774 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

775  {
776  return Indexes [targetIndex];
777  }
List< int[]> Indexes
Mesh&#39;s Indexes List

Member Data Documentation

Color [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Colors

Mesh's Colors Arary

Definition at line 715 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

List<int[]> Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Indexes = new List<int[]> ()

Mesh's Indexes List

Definition at line 719 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

String Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Name

Mesh's Name

Definition at line 723 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector3 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Normals

Mesh's Normal Array

Definition at line 727 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector4 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Tangents

Mesh's Tangents Array

Definition at line 731 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

MeshTopology [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Topology

Mesh's Topology Per SubMesh

Definition at line 735 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.UV

Mesh's UV Array

Definition at line 739 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.UV1

Mesh's UV1 Array

Definition at line 743 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.UV2

Mesh's UV2 Array

Definition at line 747 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector3 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.Vertices

Mesh's Vertex Array

Definition at line 751 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Property Documentation

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.SubMeshCount

Gets the number of SubMeshes present in the BufferedMesh.

The SubMesh Count.

Definition at line 765 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.BufferedMesh.VertexCount

Gets the number of Vertices present in the BufferedMesh.

The Vertex Count.

Definition at line 757 of file MeshCombiner.cs.