Hydrogen Framework  1.3.1
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Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.MeshObject Class Reference

Mesh Object Format More...

Public Attributes

UnityEngine.Mesh Mesh
 The created UnityEngine.Mesh More...
UnityEngine.Material[] Materials
 The UnityEngine.Material(s) ordered for the renderer. More...

Detailed Description

Mesh Object Format

Easy to reference object for Unity to use.

Definition at line 810 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Member Data Documentation

UnityEngine.Material [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.MeshObject.Materials

The UnityEngine.Material(s) ordered for the renderer.

Definition at line 819 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

UnityEngine.Mesh Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.MeshObject.Mesh

The created UnityEngine.Mesh

Definition at line 815 of file MeshCombiner.cs.