Hydrogen Framework  1.3.1
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Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh Class Reference

Transition Stage Mesh More...

Public Member Functions

int GetBitMask ()
 Get the BitMask of the Mesh. More...

Public Attributes

int[] Indexes
int IndexCount
Color[] Colors
 The Mesh's Colors array. More...
int Material
 The Mesh's Material DataHashCode array. More...
Vector3[] Normals
 The Mesh's Normals array. More...
Vector3[] Vertices
 The Mesh's Vertex array. More...
Vector4[] Tangents
 The Mesh's Tangent array. More...
Vector2[] UV
 The Mesh's UV array. More...
Vector2[] UV1
 The Mesh's UV1 array. More...
Vector2[] UV2
 The Mesh's UV2 array. More...
int VertexCount
 The number of vertices the Mesh has. More...

Detailed Description

Transition Stage Mesh

Definition at line 897 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Member Function Documentation

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.GetBitMask ( )

Get the BitMask of the Mesh.

The BitMask

Definition at line 942 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

943  {
944  int mask = 0x0;
945  if (Colors != null)
946  mask |= 1;
947  if (Normals != null)
948  mask |= 2;
949  if (Tangents != null)
950  mask |= 4;
951  if (UV != null)
952  mask |= 8;
953  if (UV1 != null)
954  mask |= 16;
955  if (UV2 != null)
956  mask |= 32;
957  return mask;
958  }
Vector2[] UV1
The Mesh's UV1 array.
Vector4[] Tangents
The Mesh's Tangent array.
Vector3[] Normals
The Mesh's Normals array.
Vector2[] UV2
The Mesh's UV2 array.
Color[] Colors
The Mesh's Colors array.
Vector2[] UV
The Mesh's UV array.

Member Data Documentation

Color [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Colors

The Mesh's Colors array.

Definition at line 904 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.IndexCount

Definition at line 900 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

int [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Indexes

Definition at line 899 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Material

The Mesh's Material DataHashCode array.

Definition at line 908 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector3 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Normals

The Mesh's Normals array.

Definition at line 912 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector4 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Tangents

The Mesh's Tangent array.

Definition at line 920 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.UV

The Mesh's UV array.

Definition at line 924 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.UV1

The Mesh's UV1 array.

Definition at line 928 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector2 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.UV2

The Mesh's UV2 array.

Definition at line 932 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

int Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.VertexCount

The number of vertices the Mesh has.

Definition at line 936 of file MeshCombiner.cs.

Vector3 [] Hydrogen.Threading.Jobs.MeshCombiner.TransitionMesh.Vertices

The Mesh's Vertex array.

Definition at line 916 of file MeshCombiner.cs.